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Sunday, February 08, 2004
WE HAVE WINNERS! And what winners they are!

The Grand Prize winner in our First Annual Legal Poetry Contest is Alan P. Scott of Portland, Oregon:


Despite what we say,
we won't do away with you
anytime soon.
I think, I thought, of the first man's first work,
and how differently things might have gone
if Adam'd had an advocate
to tell him "she tempted me" was a bad defense.

Our runner-up is Name Withheld of Carlisle, Pennsylvania:


Your Honor, let me open with
A tale of wayward, misspent youth
The kind of Silly-Putty truth
That left well-meaning parents miffed.

It was MY baseball! Wasn't his!
I argued fiercely, scrawled a brief
In crayon, and to great relief
My brother lost and all was bliss.

I'd lied, though, and my sister knew.
She offered a plea bargain, but
Too dumb to take it, I was cut
From Sunday's game and Thursday's too.

My parents frowned and smacked my rear
They taught me to seek justice, speak
The truth, be honest, guard the weak,
And that's how come I wound up here.

A pyrotechnic burst of gratitude shimmers in the cyberspace that IS this blog, sending multicolored waves of thank-you toward Messrs. Scott and Withheld, and everyone else who participated!

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